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Our Onboarding Checklist

Michel Galibert2019-04-085 min read

We decided to publish part of our internal documentation as a series of blog posts. This article is part of this series. It deals with the way we onboard new team members and let them onboard themselves. This list is stored on YouTrack, our issue tracking and project management tool. Trello works pretty well as well.


You will use Youtrack as part of your job, and if you come from a non-technical background, this might be new to you. At times, the onboarding issue might feel overwhelming. If you have any questions along the way or an idea to make this document even better, please feel free to ask your buddy, your manager, or anyone else in the company via Slack, our chat communication tool.

The onboarding issue is broken down into what your responsibilities are, what your manager’s responsibilities are, and what our NOC’s responsibilities are. Just focus on your tasks, and don’t feel you need to rush through it or complete each and every task on the required day. If you can’t move forward with your onboarding tasks because your manager or your buddy hasn’t completed tasks they are responsible for, don’t hesitate to send them a reminder on Slack!

🏦 Existing Team Members

🌱 Preparation (Human Resources)

  • Post a message on Slack’s #hiring channel announcing the arrival;
  • Notify the manager and the buddy about the arrival date;
  • Create a calendar event with a reminder from the newcomers’ calendar;
  • Ask new team member to fill out the Information spreadsheet;
  • Add information to Team Directory spreadsheet;
  • Review mandatory documents;
  • Prepare Employment Contract and send for signature;
  • Prepare the charter related to Remote Work and send for signature;
  • Prepare image rights waiver form and send for signature;
  • Send diploma verification authorization for signature;
  • Invite new team member on PayFit;
  • Check the new team member’s JEI status with the Finance team;
  • Add new team member to PayFit Org Chart;
  • Add new team member’s picture on PayFit;
  • Store Déclaration Préalable à l’Embauche (DPAE) on Google Drive;
  • Order Meal Card on Lunchr;
  • Request medical visit;
  • Create a Reviews folder and share it with both the new team member and their manager;
  • Add the new team member to our Company Facebook;
  • Buy computer + extra-charger + dongle + USB-C cable + protective case;
  • Add new computer to Computers Inventory spreadsheet;
  • Check if the computer has been reformatted, if not reformat it;
  • Order branded tee-shirt, sweatshirt and mug;
  • Add IBAN to our bank account;
  • Provide badge and update our badge list;
  • Set up a vision session with one of the cofounders;
  • Send English conversation session details;
  • Send Soupes de Nuit information.

🤝 Managing (Manager)

  • Double check that the computer has been purchased and the paperwork is set up;
  • Set up 1on1 meeting;
  • Set up Progress Review;
  • Present Org Chart;
  • Explain Credit Impôt Recherche (CIR) if applicable;
  • Discuss which training should be attended;
  • After 6 weeks, send a Peer Discovery Report to the people the newcomer worked with;
  • Invite to recurring events (Company Update, Team Presentation, etc.);
  • Add a reminder in your calendar after 7 weeks to close the onboarding.

🐻 Welcome (Buddy)

  • Send welcome email and indicate at what time the new team member is expected;
  • Decide where the new team member will sit;
  • Welcome the new team member on their first day (be on time!);
  • Explain office access;
  • Introduce new team member to all team members;
  • Invite new team member to have lunch with the rest of the team;
  • Explain remote work on Wednesdays.

💻 Setup & Configuration (NOC)

  • Create a Google Suite account;
  • Create a VPN account;
  • Show how to connect to YouTrack and assign onboarding issue;
  • Explain how to configure WiFi network;
  • Invite to 1Password;
  • Invite to Confluence;
  • Invite to Zoom;
  • Invite to Google Groups.

🆕 New Team Member

☝️ Week 1

🛠 Setup & Configuration

  • Set up your workstation ergonomically;
  • Encrypt your hard drive;
  • Connect to your Google Account using the invitation sent to your personal email;
  • Add your profile picture to your Google Account;
  • Sign up to Alan, our health insurance;
  • Set up 1Password (using the invitation email) and add a profile picture;
  • Install 1Password desktop app and its browser extension;
  • Create a Gravatar for your personal and professionnal email address;
  • Set up iCloud (if not already done when configuring your computer);
  • Activate Find my Mac in iCloud;
  • Create an account on Confluence, our internal wiki;
  • Read our Office instructions;
  • Add your personal information to Google Apps Global Directory;
  • Install Google Drive File Stream;
  • Connect to Slack via your Google account and add a profile picture;
  • Install Slack on your computer;
  • Install Zoom and add a profile picture;
  • Connect to Workable, our Application Tracking System;
  • Add our shared calendars to your Google Calendar;
  • Add our designated meeting rooms to your Google Calendar;
  • Connect to our Printer/Scanner;
  • Sign up to PayFit with the invitation you received;
  • Add your personal PayFit calendar to Google Agenda;
  • Create your Gmail signature using this template;
  • Install Tricount on your smartphone;
  • Schedule photo shoot to get your profile picture;
  • Ask Operations to buy extra hardware or items that you may need (optional);
  • Ask Operations to order Business Cards if you use them (optional).

🧰 Tools demonstration

  • Ask your buddy for a Mac 101 training (if necessary);
  • Ask your buddy for a PayFit demonstration;
  • Ask your buddy for a Workable demonstration;
  • Ask your buddy for a Confluence demonstration;
  • Ask your buddy for a YouTrack demonstration;
  • Ask your buddy for a Google Suite demonstration;
  • Ask your buddy for a 1Password demonstration;
  • Ask your buddy for a Zoom demonstration;
  • Ask your buddy for a ProductBoard demonstration (if necessary).

🤓 Readings and exploration

One really important thing to understand before diving in is that we rely extensively on our wiki (Confluence) to manage company knowledge efficiently. This tool is the cornerstone of our way of working together. It allows us to share information reliably, to organize our ideas, and to work asynchronously. Please browse, read, and search the wiki to understand to what extent it will help you in your work. Also, don’t hesitate to update it and improve it!

  • Read our Principles;
  • Read our Vision;
  • Read our Brand Book;
  • Read how OKRs work;
  • Read our FAQ;
  • Explore Memo Bank’s Confluence space;
  • Read last Company Update Minutes;
  • Watch the two Product Vision videos.
  • Read how Continuous Management works;
  • Read the book Help! I have a manager! to understand what to expect from your manager.
  • Read Tools Best Practices;
  • Read Google Docs - Sheets - Slides article. Check out the templates we use;
  • Explore Shared folder in Google Drive;
  • Explore and install useful Mac software;
  • Read our Slack guide and explore Slack channels;
  • If are not familiar with MarkDown, have a look at this tutorial;
  • Train yourself against Phishing techniques and pass the Phishing Or Legit quiz.
  • Read how to take Time Off (even though you’ve just started!);
  • Have a look at the Org Chart;
  • Read our Hiring process.

✌️ Week 2

  • Discuss with your manager which training you should attend;
  • Schedule Introduction to banks training;
  • Schedule Banks’ Balance Sheet training;
  • Schedule Software Engineering for non-engineers — part 1 training;
  • Schedule Software Engineering for non-engineers — part 2 training;
  • Schedule Software Engineering for non-engineers — part 3 training;
  • Schedule Human Resources & Recruitment Introduction training.

👌 Week 3

  • Read the Product onboarding before the Product demonstration;
  • Read Product processes;
  • Schedule a Product demonstration training;
  • Schedule Risks in Banks training;
  • Schedule Banking Regulation training;
  • Schedule Asset and Liability Management (ALM) training;
  • Schedule Scoring training.

🖖 Week 4

  • Schedule How do wire transfers work training;
  • Schedule Financial Analysis training;
  • Schedule SEPA training;
  • Schedule Core Banking System Architecture training;
  • Schedule Shadow interview;
  • Add your new position on LinkedIn (optional);
  • Check out our open positions; if you know anyone who could match the profile we are looking for, drop a line to a Recruiter, it would really help (optional);
  • Referrals are the best way we have found to hire new talent. If you feel comfortable, posting a message on LinkedIn would really help (optional);
  • Write your Discovery Report after 3 or 4 weeks, and add a reminder in your calendar so you don’t forget. Please send it to the founders, your manager and Human Resources members.

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