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Making Part of Our Internal Documentation Public

Michel Galibert2019-04-021 min read

Since we started Memo Bank 18 months ago, we have been writing and compiling almost 1000 pages as part of our internal documentation. Inspired by companies like Gitlab, Basecamp and ThoughBot, we decided to publish a set of these pages as a series of blog posts.

These pages are the result of the many years of entrepreneurship the team spent in previous companies such as Criteo or Captain Train. We hope that publishing them may prevent other entrepreneurs or business owners from reinventing or rediscovering the wheel, as we did back then. We expect these pages will help them save time and get up to speed more quickly.

We also wanted to publish our documentation for candidates who would like to join us in our journey. Assessing a company from the outside is always tricky, even though our hiring process allows applicants to meet people from many different teams. In light of this, we hope these pages will be an excellent way for anyone who would like to join our company to better understand how we work together and what we value on a daily basis. The publication of our PlayBook was the first step in this direction, but we would now like to take it a step further.

It is worth noting that we will not be able to publish the entirety of our internal documentation for confidentiality, security and intellectual property reasons. Therefore, most of the pages we will publish deal with how we structured Memo Bank and organised operations and human resources. This first blog post serves as a directory.

Here is the list of the pages we have published so far:

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