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DevOps Engineer

Paris, France

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You’re passionate about integration tools and challenges, tests and production. You love configuring and monitoring servers as much as developing tools and availability or scalability tests. You love making the team’s life easier, improving the quality of delivery, and making it possible to deploy to production several times per day. You believe that any repetitive task should be automated. You’re concerned about security, and you like to educate your colleagues. You’re autonomous and love teamwork. You value diversity: although you’re an advocate for Python, you can understand that other people might prefer Rust.

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We’re putting together our banking infrastructure, piece by piece, starting from scratch. For obvious reasons, uptime and security are paramount. By joining the development team, you will contribute to this ambitious project and will face many technical challenges.

As a member of the development team, your mission will be to design and implement a high-quality infrastructure, deployed on AWS. You will configure or develop tools to allow developers to test and deploy their code in minutes. You will develop availability, scalability, performance and compliance tests with industry highest security standards. You will set up monitoring tools to anticipate and analyse software and security issues. You will industrialise and scale internal tools as the company grows. You will ensure that security is taken into account at every step, and for every internal or external user.



  • A significant experience in setting up and running the production of a SaaS product on the Cloud;
  • Deep knowledge in information security;
  • Familiarity with DevOps best practices (continuous integration, server configuration, infrastructure as code, version management, Cloud, etc.);
  • Experience in developing tools and tests;
  • Ability to recognize and exploit application vulnerabilities;
  • Decent written and spoken English.

Bonus Points

  • Previous experience in banking or Fintech.
  • You speak some French or are willing to learn.


We encourage all developers to write about their work, to share their knowledge and to participate in conferences as a speaker or attendee. (This is considered working time, of course). In addition, we will buy any technical book you may be interested in and add it to our company library. Here are a few conference talks given by some of the back-end engineers you will have the opportunity to work with and some articles they have authored. (If you don’t like to give talks, that’s fine, you won’t have too).

We offer a great compensation package to all our employees including:

  • A competitive salary;

  • A supplemental health coverage plan (Alan), 80% of which is paid for by the company;

  • 80% reimbursement of monthly public transport pass (or a cycling bonus);

  • Luncheon vouchers.

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We have a simple, yet ambitious goal: to provide SMBs with the financial products and services they deserve. To do this, we are building a brand-new bank from the ground up.
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